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What has the Ridgetown Rotary Club done since 1930?

1. March 19, 1930 – The Rotary Club of Ridgetown is chartered.

2. During World War 2, we sent care packages to our servicemen overseas, and actively supported the purchase of War Savings Bonds and Victory Bonds.

3. In the early 1950’s Ridgetown Rotary played an important part in the construction of our arena. (During those years, we held Horse Races.)

4. In 1961 we bought the land for the Kent-Ridge Seniors apartments (Cecil at Ebenezer Streets) and initiated the building of this 11 apartment building.

5. In 1967 we raised money to build the original brick building of the Rotary Youth Centre on Ebenezer St. W. We had $5,000 and borrowed the balance. This building was later turned over to the town.

6. In 1974 we purchased the 1875 Galbraith home on Erie St. South, which is now the Ridge House Museum – a viable tourist attraction.

7. In 1980 we built the Pavilion at Watson Park, now used for picnics or band concerts.

8. In 1985 we started the loan of Palliative Care Equipment. Pieces of equipment (such as wheelchairs, walkers, commodes, canes, etc.) are available, at no charge, to help ill patients to stay home longer and also to assist people to go home sooner after a hospital stay.

9. In 1990 we purchased the first Zamboni for the arena. It cost $55,000. We had $15,000 and members signed personal notes for the balance. We paid it off in 3 years.

10. Easter Egg Hunt - For many years, we have sponsored the site for the 3,4 and 5 years old children. We “hide” the decorated eggs which are later exchanged for Easter candy.

11. Rotary Youth Exchange – For many years, we have sent a high school student to a foreign country to attend school for a year, and have hosted a high school student from another country stay in area homes while attending school here.

12. The Village Bus, as it has become to be known, was funded by Ridgetown Rotary to help the Senior Citizens at the Village retirement residence. It is handicap equipped and there is room for approximately 12 passengers plus 4 wheel chairs.

13. Since 2002, we have sponsored 5 Limb Camps in Northern India for amputees and polio victims – treating over 5,000 patients.

14. In 2003, we pledged $25,000 to the Rudy H. Brown Rural Development Centre at University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus.

15. In 2007, we pledged $20,000 to the local MRI campaign.

16. In 2008, we sponsored a project to raise the funds, purchase and distribute 120,000 treated malaria nets for boarding schools in Tanzania. To-date, 121,735 nets have been hung over the beds in 525 boarding schools across the 365,000 sq. miles of jungle country.

17. In 2010, we pledged $25,000 to the Ridgetown Heath Care Centre.

18. In 2010, we donated a total of $1500 worth of books to local school libraries and the Municipal library.

19. In 2011, we placed several metal benches around the Downtown area.

20. In 2011-2012, we pledged $30,000 to the Ridgetown High School Playing Field.

21. In 2012, we repaired some of the fences at the Ridgetown Museum.